When life hands you an unexpected, difficult, and challenging situation; it calls for a response of strength, faith, and endurance. When we have an expectant circumstance occur in our life, we have the opportunity to prepare emotionally, and spiritually for that occurrence; however the opposite is true of the unforeseen circumstance. We are caught off guard, surprised, and often times not ready, or prepared to handle that situation.


This is the time you must dig deep within yourself, tap into your inner-strength, and draw from the courage which will get you through this hardship. It’s difficult to rely on your own understanding, so you must rely completely on your faith, and trust in God, who will be waiting for you with “loving arms” on the other side of this trial.

Romans 5:3-4 We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope. 

In a six months period, JC and I have attended more memorial services than we care to remember. Starting with my dad on December 26th, my heart aches terribly as I write this. In January, a family friend died unexpectedly at the age of 49 from a blood clot. A young lady who JC had the privilege of mentoring musically at the age of 12 was tragically killed in a car accident this month. Also this month, we attended the services for the son of a member of our church who died unexpectedly while working out at the gym, he was 22. And if that were not enough, just this week JC and I received the news that the niece of dear friends of ours passed away. She was only 33, she was a wife and mother of two.

In times like these, tap into your inner-strength, hold on to your faith, and know that your endurance builds character, and gives hope.

From my heart to your heart,
Carole Carnie

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8 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED SITUATIONS: by Carole Carnie

  1. My dearest sister, You are such a comfort to me, even when we are 3500 miles apart. This is a timely message for me. Thank you for being such a rock in my life and truly my inspiration! I love you and miss you dearly!


    1. Barb, you know you have a special place in my heart reserved just for you. Praising and thanking God that He continues to use my life to inspire others. Time and space is of no hindrance n the family of God, love fills in the gap. Be especially blessed today sweetie, sending hugs, love, and kisses your way.


  2. Whenever we tap into our inner strength most times we don’t know how strong we are. When we brace ourselves and hold onto Gods word we are able to come through our storms triumphant. Thanks for sharing.


    1. No, thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. It’s important that we understand the power of looking internally, not externally for the solution to our problems. God dwells within us, He is where our strength lies. Where we are weak, He is strong. Love you girly girly. If you know of anyone who could benefit from this “blog,” please share.


  3. Thank you Carole for these words of encouragement. They are indeed true. In the midst of so many challenges there is nothing else that will sustain us but our faith and trust in the Master.
    My husband finished his 10 weeks of radiation for his cancer only to find out a month later that he needed a Corneal transplant. He had it on Thursday May 28 and found out on Fri the 29 it did not fit correctly so he will be having surgery ” again” on Thursday June 4th.
    I found out yesterday I have Graves disease and will more than likely need surgery soon for my thyroid issues..
    All unexpected and yet not to our Father. So we call upon Him for strength and courage to face all of these things knowing His will is perfect and He will see us through.
    So thankful we have faith even when it gets shaky it’s still faith. Thank you my sister for sharing.. Joyce


    1. Joyce, I’m needing to pause a minute before I respond to your message, first to fully absorb all that you have shared, then to seek the Lord’s wisdom as I respond.
      To one of the dearest people in my heart, (you) it goes without saying that you are presently in “the valley.” Psalm 23:4 “Yes, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
      It is indeed in these times that we must draw on, and hold on to our faith and the things that we know to be true. You can count on life being “unpredictable, and at times unfair,” but God’s answer to that is that He is “always predictable, (His word is always true) and He is always “just.”
      The greatest challenge while we are going through the “valleys” in our life, while we are suffering, while we are experiencing pain, (physical or emotional) is to disconnect ourselves from the suffering and pain, and connect ourselves to God. My prayer is that you are able to draw from your inner strength, and connect to God, thereby drawing upon His strength. I love, love, love you. Lifting you and your husband up in prayer before our Lord and Savior.

      From My Heart to Your Heart,


    1. Esther, what a blessing to hear from you. Jeff and I often talk about our time at COV, and you are always one of the individuals who are part of fond memories. I still smile when I recall the wonderful scented lavender you shared with me from your garden. I pray God is showering you with His grace. Be blessed friend!


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