Fork in the Road by Carole Carnie

When you come to a “fork in the road” in your life, sometimes the decision you make is not a matter of right or wrong, it’s more about making the best decision. That’s when you should stop, wait, and allow God to reveal the more suitable decision. That’s exactly the situation Jeff and I are presently in, “waiting!” It’s simultaneously exciting and scary, primarily because we are uncertain about where it is leading. However, we are certain about “WHO” is leading! Although we are currently in a holding pattern, (and that’s by choice) there is lots of movement being created around us.

Permit me to explain, Jeff was recently placed on a part-time employment  status at the church. Bhighway_exit_signsecause of that decision, which we consider our “symbolic “fork in the road,” Jeff proceeded to establish an infrastructure which will allow us to continue our “Loving Hands Ministry.” However, we are expanding “Loving Hands” to include the “Carole Carnie Ministry.”The ministry will look differently, and operate differently, but it will allow the Carnies to utilize all their skills to reach people. Jeff will be responsible for all business management, bookings, social media, advertisement, and music management. My responsibilities will be as an author, blogger, and inspirational speaker.

The movement that is occurring, are the daily tweets referred to asCaroleismwhich by definition are sayings I have come up with over the years to encourage, and inspire others. Currently, we put out a weekly blog, and a weekly vlog is scheduled to be launched in the near future. A podcast, and a book about my life is also in the plans. Finally, Jeff has enrolled in a local college to take classes which will enhance his knowledge in the areas of the ministry that is under his responsibility, he begins that journey in August.

Jeff and I can hardly contain our excitement regarding this “fork in the road” we are presently facing. However, until we are well on our way down this path, and have more clarity about our final destination, it is “scary!”

From My Heart to Your Heart

Carole Carnie

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5 thoughts on “Fork in the Road by Carole Carnie



    1. Sending blessings your way! JC and I are so thrilled about the path God has paved for the Carnies. It’s clear to the both of us that God is developing us, and the ministry in a way that can be used to touch and transform lives for the kingdom. Throughout the years God has been developing Jeff and I for this time and moment; our faith, love, and trust in God “WILL” sustain us.
      May God continue to bless all that you do for His namesake.

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  2. What a beautiful piece. Not only was this a great blog, but it did so much for me. I needed this kind of ministry today. I needed to hear this word today. This word has been a lifesaver for me. Because it involves people around close, I cannot say very much about my situation. A fork in the Road has inspired me and saved me. I am the author of the books, Detours to Destiny: from the pit, the pen, the caves and the den to the Palace. The Fork in the Road has given me more understanding. A prophetess once told me that I am trying to make something work that won’t work. I have struggled with this prophecy for awhile. She said, “You’ve tried 3 times”. That confused me even further. I now know that I have to treat the fork in my roadway with more discipline, particularly of WAITING on Father God. The power to wait on a confirmation from God to make a move. How I want to utilize all my talents, skills, abilities, etc. I must wait at this fork. I don’t want to end up at a deadend situation for the ministry of God. This is where we need to seek God in order to be at our very best, utilizing all that He has so bountifully given us and rise, rise, rise. We must move when God says, Move; Stop when God says Stop; Go when God says Go! At first, Jonah ran away from God; then, he began running ahead of God and got rebuked; then he finally got with God’s program and at last, ran with the Lord. When God removes the fork, after you have obeyed and waited, then you can Run, Jonah, Run. Love it! You have blessed me. Please pray with me. I must do this right this time. Detours to so many destinies–must get to the Palace of my divine destiny. This is extremely important for me. God bless you.


    1. My sweet dear sister in Christ, my heart weeps for what you are presently experiencing in your life, it aches knowing of your suffering, Yet, because I understand the necessity of this process you enduring in order for God to continue His work in your life, I am joyful for you! “Be still and know that He is “your” God,” know deep within your very soul that He is creating a newer, a better you to be used for His Glory! And when impatience creeps in, if it already hasn’t, remember, “His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His timing is not our timing.” You are exactly where you need to be, you are being transformed by “your” Father!

      From the time that there is change in your life, till the time that you respond, there is a “space.” This is the place where you can go to be still, this is the place you can go for prayer, this is the place you can go to meet “your” God; this is where you can find peace, comfort, and direction for your next assignment in life. Most people do not use this space to connect with God, they feel they must react, they feel a need to do something about the change which is occurring. The danger of that is, you may not be in the “will” of God!

      Caroleisum: When you feel God is not answering your prayers, maybe He is teaching you “patience,” by causing you to exercise patience, maybe He is teaching you “trust,” by causing you to have trust, maybe He is teaching you “long suffering,” by causing you to “suffer long,” and maybe He is teaching you that it should be “well with your soul,” by waiting until it is “well with your soul.”

      Much prayer and consideration went into responding to your post. I hope it resinates with you in a way that pierces your heart, and infuses “joy” where there is sadness or pain.

      From My Heart, To Your Heart
      Carole Carnie


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