CHARLESTON – Face it, to Erase it!: by Carole Carnie

My heart is heavy because it is feeling the weight of all the offensive, and evil acts which are being reported much too often in the media. Allow me to be perfectly clear about my statement that, ” these incidences are being reported much too often.” I’m not saying that these morally revolting attacks against Blacks should not be reported, like it’s been said by some.” The notion that the media is sensationalizing these “violent acts” in an attempt to get our interest, which would cause strong reactions; that these offenses against “Blacks” are being exaggerated in hopes of increasing the networks ratings, for many of us is acerb at best! For us, it offends our sensibilities. The problem for me with taking a position such as this one is, “exaggerated or not,” one act of violence against “any” human being is too much, period!  Hate driven crime should cause all decent people to have a desire to invoke change! There should be an outcry throughout our nation, and I dare to say, “especially in our churches;” which stands for moral rightness!

The Charleston shooting is striking a nerve with most of us because it happened in a sacred place, a place of veneration, a place of reverence, a church! A predator walked into a “house of worship,” was welcomed with acceptance and love, and then murdered in cold blood individuals he had moments prior shared scripture with. I just can’t wrap my brain, or my heart around this atrocious act.  However, I’m hopeful that this egregious, flagrant, and evil act is enough to get “all” of us off the sidelines when it comes to speaking out against racism. We must begin healthy conversations about the disparity of treatment against any group of people. Let’s no longer allow this “evil” to divide us. Let’s no longer empower “evil” with our silence. Let’s have the courage to engage in healthy dialog with one another, attempting to better understand our differences, which can lead to a closer “authentic” relationship, which then can lead to the ultimate payoff for our efforts; ” love, understanding, and respect for one another. This would IMG_2811be living proof that the greatest of all God’s Commandments is, “love.”

Recently I tweeted, “Face it, to Erase it.” In order for us to “erase” racism, we must first “acknowledge” that it is alive and well. I know this is not an easy issue to speak about, in fact it is most likely one of the more difficult discussions to take place between Whites, and Blacks. This statement is not to exclude the importance, or the value that other ethnic groups may have to contribute to this issue, but only to point out that there is a horrific history when it comes to race relations between Whites, and Blacks in this country. With that being said, we can create a new history for ourselves moving forward. A future which embraces the principle, “when you know better, you do better.” We can’t erase the past, however we can bring into existence a better future. It begins with our willingness to start the healing process by talking to one another, not at one another; and the worst culprit is not talking at all!

Many of you are having conversations about what is occurring, however because of the sensitivity, and the uncomfortableness surrounding racism, we are only talking to those who look like ourselves, it’s safe!  However, being safe is not going to solve, or resolve racism. We must  step out of our comfort zones, and oppose such violence. Because my life is enriched by diversity, with individuals who I love, and they love me, I have cultivated relationships built on complete acceptance, this has served to make it easier to have those difficult conversations. I encourage you to become committed to breaking down the walls which can separate us. This issue is allowed to continue to exist, because it’s painful. But look at the pain it causes by not dealing with it. Let’s agree to deal with it, let’s also agree not to come from a position of blame, guilt, or victimization, but from a position of love, and wanting to move forward to a better “America.” Together we can conquer this!

The forum is now open for discussion. “Pinky Love,” and “Pinky Love Brothers and Sisters,” I am depending on you to have the courage to start knocking down these walls of hate, and begin building walls of “love,” by your willingness to enter into a discussion about an issue which threatens to rip us apart at our very core values.

From My Heart to Your Heart,

Carole Carnie

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