Getaway: by Carole Carnie

Everyone should have a place to go, a place to escape to, or a place to retreat to in an attempt to obtain peace, and tranquility in their lives. I believe “getaways” are essential for our well-being. At times, life can feel like you are in a “war,” like you are in a fight for your very existence, that’s why I consider the word “retreat” as the most accurate word to describe getaways!

City of Carmel by the Sea

For those who may feel that I’ve exaggerated the importance of “getting away,” that could be because you have never experienced a situation which has overwhelmed you to the point that you feel like it could devastate you. I assert to you that getting away feeds your sole in good, or bad times!  It contributes to your “well-being,” building your emotional reserves for those times when you feel emotionally depleted. However, for the sake of this conversation, those of you who have experienced, or you are presently experiencing difficulty in your lives, I highly recommend that you designate a space, place, or location that you use for “your” place of refuge.

JC and I go to Carmel, California when we feel we need emotional, or spiritual rejuvenation. We also have several places in our home, and outside that we utilize when we aren’t able to get away. Monday, JC and I drove to Carmel for several reasons, first, for the purpose of connecting with God to seek direction for important decisions we are currently faced with. Secondly, because Carmel is a place that brings JC and I a sense of calm and harmony in our lives. Additionally, it’s a place where we are able to connect more deeply with each another. When our son’s were younger, and we went to Carmel, they would giggle amongst themselves and say, “mom and dad are going to Carmel to fall in love all over again.” If you are looking to become more centered, both emotionally and spiritually, start incorporating “getaways” into your lifestyle.

The Carnie’s backyard

Even God knew the importance of rest, He created the world in six days, and rested on the seventh day. Jesus also understood and respected the significance of getting away, remember  Gethsemane? Jesus was in anguish about the events that were about to happen. He prayed to God to release Him from the terrible future that awaited Him. However, after spending time alone in prayer, gaining clarity and prospective, He accepted His fate and faced the soldiers who came to arrest Him. JC and I take advantage of the benefits of getting away even when things are going well in our lives. For us, it keeps us focused, we tend to see things more clearly, and like Jesus it allows us to be more accepting of life’s difficulties, which allows us to be better servants of God. Connecting with yourself, allows you to better connect with God! Retreating to a place where you are able to escape, if only for moment, is so underrated, however it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

So, when life becomes somewhat challenging or overwhelming, step away from it for a while, to get refreshed, and to gain a different perspective; so when you step back into your world, you are better equipped to deal with whatever life hands you.

From My Heart to Your Heart!

Carole Carnie

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