Look For, Expect, And Know When God is Opening a Door: by Carole Carnie

Carole Carnie and Lisa Daggs.
Carole Carnie and Lisa Daggs

Today I must share while my emotions are still raw, real, honest, and authentic! There has been so many major changes in JC’s and my life, that at times it’s difficult to see clearly, or think clearly! It’s been challenging to keep the noise out. The noise being anything, or anyone that could potentially distract either of us from keeping our sights on the “mark,” Jesus! We have intentionally surrounded ourselves with our most trusted friends, “only!” These are godly individuals who continues to encourage us to spiritually stay strong, to trust in God’s sovereignty, and to never stop serving God with passion, and excellence! Keeping that invaluable advice in the forefront of all we do, has served to bathe our very souls with the love, and comfort of our Lord! We have our agenda and plans, and God has His plans for our lives! But as always, His plans are much better than ours! So, needless to say the Carnies are willingly allowing God’s plans to trump ours!

We have shared recently, that we strongly believe that God is calling JC, and me to expand the “Carnie Ministry” to include the “Carole Carnie Ministry.” We have painstakingly outlined our dreams, goals, aspirations, as well as a timeline on when we could reasonably expect to accomplish tpic2hese objectives. If I must say so myself, we have created a thorough plan! This plan even takes into account the learning curve which will be necessary in order for this “new baby,” (Carole Carnie Ministry) to be birthed! Having a “preemie” could be devastating for the newest addition to our “ministry” family. However, like with all births, there is pain to be expected; but the “bundle of joy” which is the reward at the end of all births, makes the pain tolerable! Please join us in prayer as we patiently wait on God to reveal what this ministry will eventually become. Ok, “honesty check,” JC will be waiting patiently, I will be screaming and hollering. Keeping it real!

Click on picture to hear the interview!

I am extremely grateful for the knowledge, vision, and expertise JC brings to our newest ministry  upstart. Because he has been in this business for a while, (independently, and in the church) he has built, and maintained relationships with many individuals who are still in the music industry . This allows JC to comfortably navigate through what needs to take place in order for our “baby girl” to have a fighting chance at “life.”

Last evening, due to JC’s persistence, and patience, Lisa Daggs from the “FISH” radio station called to ask if I would be available for an interview Wednesday. She wanted me to share my testimony on her show, Reality Check, to be aired on Sunday 19, at 7pm. till 8 pm. I’m still praising God for over ruling the Carnie’s plans by opening doors much sooner than we had scheduled. Oh well, so our timeline is a bit off!

Before taping the interview, I had a pre-session with Lisa Daggs to go over what I could expect during the interview, as well as for her to get a feel for me, and my story! From the moment we spoke, there was a “heart connection.” We were instantly sharing, and feeling each other’s pain, because we had both suffered. During our conversation we realized that our lives had crossed paths over twenty years ago, when we were both starting out in our perspective ministries. We marveled over the fact that after so many years, there was only a hand full of us still working in ministry. We both agreed, that it is because ministry is a “calling” in our lives, it is much more than what we do. I can’t wait to continue the connection between Lisa and I. You are invited to listen to what promises to be an inspiring story of how God changed my life to be used for His glory. The Carnies are living the “faith” that they sing about, the “faith” that is alive and well in their lives! We looked for, expected, and knew when God was opening a door, “the Fish interview.”

From My Heart to Your Heart

Carole Carnie

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2 thoughts on “Look For, Expect, And Know When God is Opening a Door: by Carole Carnie

    1. Margie, your words of encouragement is so uplifting to me, it is resonating in my soul. I have been wnating to completely work on behalf, and serve “women” and our needs for as long as I can remember. You, I, and Barb have talked about this for many, many years. Now, to be experiencing the beginning of what my passions are, what I wholeheartedly believe with all my being that I was created to do, I’m somewhat overwhelmed by it all. I’m reeling a litte, but JC is such a stablizer, and the best support I could ever want, except for or Lord of course. Going to need the love and support of my girls on this one though. Can’t do it alone, and quite frankly don’t want to do it alone. Pinky-Love, my sister in my heart.


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