Carole is an inspiring speaker, she fearlessly shares her testimony, she is bold in her faith, and she is passionate about assisting others in accepting Christ. Carole is an accomplished speaker with over 20 years experience to her credit. She has spoken for “Crisis Pregnancy Center,” various “Women’s Retreats,” “continuation schools,” and is often the primary speaker for “Jeff Carnie and Spectrum.”

Carole shares her powerful testimony with hopes of inspiring others in their lives. Her story is that she was conceived out of her mother being raped at the age of 12, and was born to a 13 year old adolescent mother. She addressed the issues which was because her mother was a child herself. She speaks about the emotional disconnect between she and her mother, and how the situation left her feeling unloved. She speaks lovingly about how  she and her mother had begun the process of healing theri broken relationship before her death: and how that process contiunes to affect her life today.

Her’s is also a story of  forgiveness, however Carole emphasizes that her acceptance of Chirst is the most important part of her story. Carole’s story reminds us that we are enough just the way we are, that Jesus died while we were still sinners, and that “the best we will ever have to offer of ourselves will never be good enough.” The Bibles says, ” the best we have to offer is as filthy rags.” What sustains Carole in her life, is knowing that God has paid the price for her brokenness. This truth gives her hope, value, makes her feel loved at all times, and fuels her to share her story.  

  She declares that she is not a “victim,” but “victorious” because of Christ. Her life illustrates that it is possible to become the best individual God intended us to be.

To book Carole Carnie for your event, contact Jeff Carnie at

or call 888-332-6641


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