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A Thankful Heart
A Thankful Heart
We Remember!
What You Have Done to the Least of These
He is the Reason
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Happiness by Carole Carnie

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How To Find Peace In Your Life: by Carole Carnie

How do you find peace in your life, when all around you is like a “raging sea?”

Metaphorically speaking of course, I am still reeling from the “raging sea” experience currently occurring in my life. At times I feel as though my emotions are being tossed around like a “rogue” wave! However, right in the middle of the “storm”, God revealed to me individuals who are going through life altering situations, they are going through major issues which is proving to challenge their endurance, long suffering, trust, and faith in God!

What Does the Bible Say About Weathering the Storms In Our Lives?

Being patient and persevering through the “storms” in our lives is paramount! We must endure these challenges as disciplined athletes! Athletes strengthen their bodies, and increase their endurance through training. We must strengthen our faith, and trust in God through “spiritual” training! When faced with hardships I encourage you to pray, study the word of God, and fellowship with others; “I consider this as a form of spiritual training!”

In Timothy 1:8  We see that Paul considers Timothy his “spiritual son” by referring to him as, “his beloved child.” However, Paul is encouraging Timothy to embrace hardship for the sake of the gospel. He says, “therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, nor be a prisoner, but share in suffering for the gospel by the power of God. What grabs my attention in this verse, is that Paul tells Timothy that he would need the power of God to endure his suffering. Are you able to trust God in your suffering?

In Timothy 1: 15  Timothy was under pressure to compromise the gospel, he did not like conflict or controversy, and because of this people were turning against him, and abandoning the gospel. 1:15 You are aware that all who are in Asia turned away from me, among whom are Phygelus and Hermogenes.  

One thing I know for sure, is that when I focus on serving God, and I don’t loose sight of my purpose in life, “which is ministry,” I am able to weather all storms! If it is true like with Timothy, that we can turn people away from God by handling our hardships badly, then the opposite is true, that we can draw people to God by handling our hardships well.

Barb’s Raging Sea!

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The changes in these two women’s lives, a mother and daughter; definitely caused a “raging sea” experience for the daughter! Their story is, Barb, the daughter lives in California, and her mother, Carol resides in their home state. During their regular conversations, Barb noticed what seemed obvious to her, (but not to the attending doctors) some changes in her mom’s speech, it seemed slurred. When she encouraged her mom to get the opinion of a doctor, she did! However, she was told that her medication was most likely causing the problems. Feeling convinced that she needed to relocate back to her home state to care for her aging mom, Barb did just that! Being home for only a few months, she began to second guess her decision; primarily because the move
was not as she’d hoped, or planned. She adores her mom, so being her caretaker was not the issue. However, the job she had accepted was a major source of her frustration, it was not as expected. Additionally, she was mourning the lose of her independence, and privacy.

Recently, her mom fainted! The doctors said it was due to over exertion, and dehydration. About a week later she experienced another occurrence of fainting. Test were ran to determine the cause of her fainting, and it was concluded that she was experiencing mini strokes! God’s hand is clearly seen in this situation. The power of love, driving this daughter to give up so much, “in order give so much!”

DNae’s Raging Sea!

DNae is a young mother who contacted me expressing fear around her recent decision to relocate out of California, to be near her son who is scheduled to start college soon. Much of her “fear” was stemming from her not yet having a secured place to live, nor had she secured employment. She was now questioning if she had heard God correctly! We first identified where her fear was coming from, and then addressed those issues. We then talked about trusting God, and having “faith” that God would never leave or forsake her. Nahum 1: 7 “The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble: and He knows those that trust in Him.” We then discussed faith, what it means, and what does it look like when we exercise it in our lives. Because everything was not in place before her move, DNae replaced her trust in God with fear, instead of with ‘her” faith. Living in faith is just that, wanting or hoping for something, but not knowing how it will occur; however you still follow your aspirations even when you don’t know the outcome. That’s faith in action!

I have learned from my own personal experiences, to seek God for calming my fear, anxiety, and to stay in His presence by reading His wIMG_0605ord in order to receive clarity on how to respond, or even if I should respond. Sometimes a situation may require that you ” just wait and be still.” In my stillness it is essential to stay there until my thoughts, words, and actions align with God’s truth. When you know the word of God, it’s important that when your emotions are controlling you, that you stay the course of waiting until your actions are in alignment with the principles of God! That is how you find peace in the mist of the storm!

For me, doing God’s work allows me to weather any storm! Identify what drives you in life, what brings you the greatest joy, and what is your passion: do those things while the sea of life is raging all around you, and it will serve as your “lifeline” until the seas cease!

From My Heart to Your Hear

Carole Carnie

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A Love Letter to My Main Man: by Carole Carnie

It’s 4 a.m. Sunday morning, and already I’m yearning for some alone time before we head off to the church. As always, I expect that once we arrive for worship you will no longer be “all” mine! You are so reliable, like clockwork you are precise and dependable, you are never late! No matter how many individuals you support durning the week, each Sunday you tirelessly usher the congregation into the presence of “Your Father.” That’s what I love most about you, “your dedication to “Our Father.”Before I was completely awake this morning, and before I even opened my eyes, just the thought of you made my heart skip a beat. When I finally awakened, the first image I saw was yours, and it was clear that I was exactly where I was meant to be, “next to you!”  Undeniably I am a blessed woman!

As I began to rustle out of bed, I paused for a moment, wanting to get one last glimpse of you before we started our day. Even with your responsibilities of attending to the needs of others, you still check on me from time to time to ensure me that I am loved. You always make yourself available to me, you are never too busy to hear my desires. You listen as if I am your only interest, and when I express my concerns regarding “our sons,” you reassure me that they will be just fine! Throughout the day all I need to do is think about you, and a calm immediately comes over me. Then my heart skips a beat, because of the overwhelming joy I’m feeling at that very moment. I then think, I can hardly wait until this day is over so we can share some quite, private time together. I long to nestle comfortably in your strong arms, and feel protected against the world. I love you more than the first time we met, you are my greatest love!

I look tenderly at you, thankful that your face was the first thing I saw this morning, and blessed that it is last thing I will see before falling asleep. I pray you are in my dreams! I love you with all my being, and I hope you feel the same about me. Good night Jesus ! A love letter from your daughter, Carole.

From My Heart to Your Heart,

Carole Carnie

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Getaway: by Carole Carnie

Everyone should have a place to go, a place to escape to, or a place to retreat to in an attempt to obtain peace, and tranquility in their lives. I believe “getaways” are essential for our well-being. At times, life can feel like you are in a “war,” like you are in a fight for your very existence, that’s why I consider the word “retreat” as the most accurate word to describe getaways!

City of Carmel by the Sea

For those who may feel that I’ve exaggerated the importance of “getting away,” that could be because you have never experienced a situation which has overwhelmed you to the point that you feel like it could devastate you. I assert to you that getting away feeds your sole in good, or bad times!  It contributes to your “well-being,” building your emotional reserves for those times when you feel emotionally depleted. However, for the sake of this conversation, those of you who have experienced, or you are presently experiencing difficulty in your lives, I highly recommend that you designate a space, place, or location that you use for “your” place of refuge.

JC and I go to Carmel, California when we feel we need emotional, or spiritual rejuvenation. We also have several places in our home, and outside that we utilize when we aren’t able to get away. Monday, JC and I drove to Carmel for several reasons, first, for the purpose of connecting with God to seek direction for important decisions we are currently faced with. Secondly, because Carmel is a place that brings JC and I a sense of calm and harmony in our lives. Additionally, it’s a place where we are able to connect more deeply with each another. When our son’s were younger, and we went to Carmel, they would giggle amongst themselves and say, “mom and dad are going to Carmel to fall in love all over again.” If you are looking to become more centered, both emotionally and spiritually, start incorporating “getaways” into your lifestyle.

The Carnie’s backyard

Even God knew the importance of rest, He created the world in six days, and rested on the seventh day. Jesus also understood and respected the significance of getting away, remember  Gethsemane? Jesus was in anguish about the events that were about to happen. He prayed to God to release Him from the terrible future that awaited Him. However, after spending time alone in prayer, gaining clarity and prospective, He accepted His fate and faced the soldiers who came to arrest Him. JC and I take advantage of the benefits of getting away even when things are going well in our lives. For us, it keeps us focused, we tend to see things more clearly, and like Jesus it allows us to be more accepting of life’s difficulties, which allows us to be better servants of God. Connecting with yourself, allows you to better connect with God! Retreating to a place where you are able to escape, if only for moment, is so underrated, however it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

So, when life becomes somewhat challenging or overwhelming, step away from it for a while, to get refreshed, and to gain a different perspective; so when you step back into your world, you are better equipped to deal with whatever life hands you.

From My Heart to Your Heart!

Carole Carnie

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CHARLESTON – Face it, to Erase it!: by Carole Carnie

My heart is heavy because it is feeling the weight of all the offensive, and evil acts which are being reported much too often in the media. Allow me to be perfectly clear about my statement that, ” these incidences are being reported much too often.” I’m not saying that these morally revolting attacks against Blacks should not be reported, like it’s been said by some.” The notion that the media is sensationalizing these “violent acts” in an attempt to get our interest, which would cause strong reactions; that these offenses against “Blacks” are being exaggerated in hopes of increasing the networks ratings, for many of us is acerb at best! For us, it offends our sensibilities. The problem for me with taking a position such as this one is, “exaggerated or not,” one act of violence against “any” human being is too much, period!  Hate driven crime should cause all decent people to have a desire to invoke change! There should be an outcry throughout our nation, and I dare to say, “especially in our churches;” which stands for moral rightness!

The Charleston shooting is striking a nerve with most of us because it happened in a sacred place, a place of veneration, a place of reverence, a church! A predator walked into a “house of worship,” was welcomed with acceptance and love, and then murdered in cold blood individuals he had moments prior shared scripture with. I just can’t wrap my brain, or my heart around this atrocious act.  However, I’m hopeful that this egregious, flagrant, and evil act is enough to get “all” of us off the sidelines when it comes to speaking out against racism. We must begin healthy conversations about the disparity of treatment against any group of people. Let’s no longer allow this “evil” to divide us. Let’s no longer empower “evil” with our silence. Let’s have the courage to engage in healthy dialog with one another, attempting to better understand our differences, which can lead to a closer “authentic” relationship, which then can lead to the ultimate payoff for our efforts; ” love, understanding, and respect for one another. This would IMG_2811be living proof that the greatest of all God’s Commandments is, “love.”

Recently I tweeted, “Face it, to Erase it.” In order for us to “erase” racism, we must first “acknowledge” that it is alive and well. I know this is not an easy issue to speak about, in fact it is most likely one of the more difficult discussions to take place between Whites, and Blacks. This statement is not to exclude the importance, or the value that other ethnic groups may have to contribute to this issue, but only to point out that there is a horrific history when it comes to race relations between Whites, and Blacks in this country. With that being said, we can create a new history for ourselves moving forward. A future which embraces the principle, “when you know better, you do better.” We can’t erase the past, however we can bring into existence a better future. It begins with our willingness to start the healing process by talking to one another, not at one another; and the worst culprit is not talking at all!

Many of you are having conversations about what is occurring, however because of the sensitivity, and the uncomfortableness surrounding racism, we are only talking to those who look like ourselves, it’s safe!  However, being safe is not going to solve, or resolve racism. We must  step out of our comfort zones, and oppose such violence. Because my life is enriched by diversity, with individuals who I love, and they love me, I have cultivated relationships built on complete acceptance, this has served to make it easier to have those difficult conversations. I encourage you to become committed to breaking down the walls which can separate us. This issue is allowed to continue to exist, because it’s painful. But look at the pain it causes by not dealing with it. Let’s agree to deal with it, let’s also agree not to come from a position of blame, guilt, or victimization, but from a position of love, and wanting to move forward to a better “America.” Together we can conquer this!

The forum is now open for discussion. “Pinky Love,” and “Pinky Love Brothers and Sisters,” I am depending on you to have the courage to start knocking down these walls of hate, and begin building walls of “love,” by your willingness to enter into a discussion about an issue which threatens to rip us apart at our very core values.

From My Heart to Your Heart,

Carole Carnie

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