Follow God’s Lead: by Carole Carnie

When you allow “faith” to take you where you need to go, it’s the best place to be. When you know your destination, you plan which route to take. With “faith” you may, or may not know where you are going, you just go! “Faith” acknowledges that where you end up, is where God wants you to be.

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Fork in the Road by Carole Carnie

When you come to a “fork in the road” in your life, sometimes the decision you make is not a matter of right or wrong, it’s more about making the best decision. That’s when you should stop, wait, and allow God to reveal the more suitable decision. That’s exactly the situation Jeff and I are presently in, “waiting!” It’s simultaneously exciting and scary, primarily because we are uncertain about where it is leading. However, we are certain about “WHO” is leading! Although we are currently in a holding pattern, (and that’s by choice) there is lots of movement being created around us.

Permit me to explain, Jeff was recently placed on a part-time employment  status at the church. Bhighway_exit_signsecause of that decision, which we consider our “symbolic “fork in the road,” Jeff proceeded to establish an infrastructure which will allow us to continue our “Loving Hands Ministry.” However, we are expanding “Loving Hands” to include the “Carole Carnie Ministry.”The ministry will look differently, and operate differently, but it will allow the Carnies to utilize all their skills to reach people. Jeff will be responsible for all business management, bookings, social media, advertisement, and music management. My responsibilities will be as an author, blogger, and inspirational speaker.

The movement that is occurring, are the daily tweets referred to asCaroleismwhich by definition are sayings I have come up with over the years to encourage, and inspire others. Currently, we put out a weekly blog, and a weekly vlog is scheduled to be launched in the near future. A podcast, and a book about my life is also in the plans. Finally, Jeff has enrolled in a local college to take classes which will enhance his knowledge in the areas of the ministry that is under his responsibility, he begins that journey in August.

Jeff and I can hardly contain our excitement regarding this “fork in the road” we are presently facing. However, until we are well on our way down this path, and have more clarity about our final destination, it is “scary!”

From My Heart to Your Heart

Carole Carnie

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Created for Carole Carnie Ministries by Carnie Studios (C) (P) 2015.

In association with “Loving Hands Ministries Inc.” 501 (C)(3) nonprofit organization.